~ Our Unwavering Corporate Premise ~

'Local' marketing claims have recently taken center stage across the food galaxy. The shift occurred as the destructive effects of GMO’s, glyphosate, fluoride, MSG, and artificial colors and flavors became widely known. While few restaurants actually live up to the promise of "all-natural and organic," this awakening implies many Arkansas visitors must be seeking a completely different dining experience than that offered at our rural venues today.

At Chez Kiva we see a striking disconnect between many of Arkansas’ blighted rural farm-communities and today's just-in-time current distribution means. In slightly longer than it takes to create a demonstration roadside food forest, Café Chez Kiva proposes to fill this cultural & culinary void, as our narratives below explain.

Food insecurity here is among the worst in the nation. Our fields are nutritionally spent, sprayed, insect-free and rendered fallow. The question is, why? And why do restaurants across rural America neglect to help us meet our actual daily nutritional needs?

To us, the thought of NOT fortifying Arkansas’ organic food production is largely unthinkable. We believe that healthy eating begins by rebuilding the soil mantle and propose to do so through a full-circle community-building process.

Investing in Arkansas' future means reinvesting in our country's youth. As life-long nutritional advocates we sense a growing need to address these issues as a matter of vital national concern. Through de-centralized local production systems and fair-trade TEAL management practices, even in its virtual application-state, Café Chez Kiva seeks to reignite the once industrious mid-American bread basket, and help make Arkansas great again!

Customers, upon discovering a respite designed to accomodate everyone, will likely be as impressed by the ambience as they are in our value-driven product lines. In this mission we seek to provide a proficiency of services that will resonate strongly throughout the regional communities and specialty food markets we choose to serve.

The "big picture" plan:

 CafeChezKivaPt.1.pdf  &  CafeChezKivaPt.2.pdf

A culinary boot camp for children at risk. ~ Our proposed community gardening and nutritional health revival!




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